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Membrane Keypad

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Membrane Keypad

Snapkeys produces flat and tactile Membrane Switch Assemblies in an unlimited number of configurations, employing a wide variety of technologies specific to each custom application. Our Membrane Keypads are designed as per the latest technologies and industrial standards.

Specifications :
  • Keypads can be produced with glass epoxy PCB or with the flexible printed circuit film
  • Tactile keypads use metal domes and give excellent feedback
  • Polyester or polycarbonate film graphic overlays with hard coating and/or surface texturing
  • Use of LEDs for backlighting
  • Embossing option for improving aesthetic appearance
  • Transparent or dead front windows in many colors
  • Variety of connector options
  • Surface-mounted components on circuits (LEDs, resistors, capacitors and discrete memory chips)

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Membrane Keypad 01   Membrane Keypad 02   Membrane Keypad 03
 Membrane Keypad 01  Membrane Keypad 02  Membrane Keypad 03

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